Creating Magical bonds with Frameless Glazing Systems

What is Frameless Glazing?

Frameless glazing is the art of fusing two adjacent solid to solid materials to create a seamless flowing structure. It is also referred to as Seamless Glazing. There are no visible frames, hinges and joining pieces in these structures.  It is a modern way of creating an attractive smooth appearance.Frameless glazing is widely used in glass, steel, aluminium and concrete construction.Frameless glazing helps in creating an all-glass appearance to a structure. It serves as a great boost to a beautiful finish and adds aesthetic value. This also maximises the amount of natural sunlight coming through glass structures.


How frameless grazing works?

The frameless glazing system for glass on glass designs produce an absolute flush silicone joined finish. The glass panels are usually supported by adjacent panels or by use of glass fins. Although the glass may be glazed to adjacent glass members, more often than not, the unit support is enhanced by use of stainless steel glazing brackets and fittings.  In glass frameless glazing requires thicker glass panels.Frameless glazing is also used in steel structures and combined with strengthened glass. These structures can incorporate angles and corners, straight smooth walls or curved glass depending on the consumer’s preference.

Uses of Frameless Glazing in Structures

Due to the smooth and beautiful structural appearance, frameless glazing structures can be used in both commercial and residential building and for different structural roles. They can be used in commercial places to distinguish partitions and/or structure. In such places as hotels lobbies, the structures can be used in creating an eye-pleasing reception area. Common structures incorporating frameless glazing are aluminium sliding doors, glass partitions, sky frame sliding doors and seamless glass shower areas in bathrooms.

Why Frameless Glazing?

If what you need is elegance and unhindered results to your doors or glass structures, Frameless glazing would be the way to go. Not only does it work perfectly and effectively, it also ensures that the look of your ideal structure maintains its aesthetic value. It gives a feel of transparency and clarity. It keeps the spacious look and feel between showers and bathrooms.  It reduces the feel of clutter and complicated appearance to your structures. Whether in the office, in a hotel or at home, frameless glazing gives your room a flowing view. It is exactly what you need to give your home or office that extra effect that would make you or anyone else astonished.