Frameless Glazing Systems Installation and Considerations


There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when installing frameless glazing systems. First of all, you need to take the costs of frameless glazing systems into consideration. They are not an inexpensive solution but the advantages and safety options that they offer make them worth the investment. They are at least twenty to fifty percent more expensive than similar enclosure options.


Design Considerations

You need to consider the design that you would like to have and how much work it will involve. Although they are called frameless glazing, they do need a small amount of perimeter framework. The thickness of the glass that will be used is another design consideration together with the manufacturing, handling and lifting aspects of the frameless glazing system. You might want a frameless glazing system with windows or several doors. These are all customizations that might influence the overall appearance of your design. Before sticking to a fixed design, you also need to know how the accessories that you would like to have will fit together with the design of your frameless glazing system.

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Maintenance Considerations

Most people do not take maintenance into consideration but maintenance is important. Maintenance normally represents continuous costs. These costs should be taken into consideration when installing frameless glazing systems. Will you be able to maintain your frameless glazing system? Will you be able to clean it on time? Can you clean it yourself or will you have to hire a professional? Will you be able to afford glass replacement? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before installing a frameless glazing system. The fact is that frameless glazing systems are expensive. They are large and heavy units that are not easy to be maintained or replaced.  It is therefore important that all maintenance areas should be taken into consideration during the installation process. This is important because the structural design of the glass will also determine if there will be suppliers from which the glass can be repurchased in cases of replacements. Due to a structural design of the glass, it might not be possible to find suppliers from whom the glass can be purchase.


Other Considerations

Unless a frameless glazing system is in need of additional specialist finishing or coatings, there are no additional considerations. If you are fully aware of the above mentioned considerations and are sure that you will be able to meet them, you can proceed with your frameless glazing system installation.