Frameless Glazing for Your Pool Side


There have been many research and studies that have shown that the most common injuries and accidents that happen around the poolside area happen to younger children. These accidents normally result in injuries and in extreme situations, they have resulted in death. Safety around the pool is so important to certain parents that they choose to fence their pools. The safest way to fence your pool side is through the use of frameless glazing.

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Advantages of Frameless Glazing

Frameless glazing around the pool side is not only visually more appealing but it provides the most safety advantages. First of all, frameless glazing manages to keep children from entering the pool without adult supervision. Secondly, frameless glazing prevents children from getting hurt by the edging of the fence. For example, the edging of a steel fence around your pool side might be harmful to children. There are no gaps or edges with frameless glazing. This is why they are called frameless. Another advantage of frameless glazing is that they are customizable. They can be made to fit any shape or size and are normally made from preapproved glass that is between ten to twelve millimeters thick. The glass that frameless glazing is made from is extremely durable and strong.


Frameless Glazing Comparison to Wood and Metal

Enclosing your poolside with frameless glazing also makes maintenance easier. If your poolside would be enclosed with wood or metal, it would be difficult to maintain. Glass, on the other hand, is easier to clean. Wood can rot while metals can rust but glass stays forever the same. Rotten wood promotes the breeding of bacteria and pests and can result in disease or the risk of pest infestation.  Rusted fences on the other hand can cause infected wounds if your child accidentally gets a cut from the rusted fence. Frameless glazing eliminates these threats and is very easy to maintain and clean. Glass does not need paint, rust repellants or water repellants.


Advantages of Transparent Frameless Glazing

Since that frameless glazing is made out of glass and is transparent, it does not obstruct the view of your poolside nor your pool and it blends in beautifully with any backgrounds. The transparent glass makes it possible for parents to supervise their children from any nearby area. If someone is in need of help, the transparent glass makes it easier for him or her to be spotted. Enclosing your poolside with frameless glazing is the safest and the most beautiful enclosure option available todaynot only for your pool sides but for your balconies as well as your terraces.

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