Glass Curtains – The Solution for Sophistication

Definition of Glass Curtains

Glass curtains became popular in Spain a few years ago and have become increasingly popular ever since. They are one of the most attractive methods to use to enclose a balcony or a terrace to prevent cold wind, dust and dirt from entering into a balcony or terrace. But what exactly are glass curtains? Glass curtains are made of frameless glass panels that are locked together. They not only provide a barrier against changing weather conditions but in comparison to other forms of balcony or terrace enclosures, glass curtains allow the flow of natural light into your balcony or terrace and provide an unobstructed view of your surroundings.


Uses of Glass Curtains

Glass curtains are not only suitable for external uses but they can also be used internally in the home or the office. They can be used as room dividers allowing for uninterrupted views between rooms in a house or office space. The advantage is that most glass curtains do not have side frames so there is nothing interrupting your view. In the home, glass curtains can be used as terrace enclosures, balcony enclosures, and pool-side enclosures. Some commercial premises that use glass curtains are: restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, offices, and even shopping centers.


Types of Glass Curtains

One common type of glass curtains used in the home for external purpose is the frameless double glazed system used for patio doors that is suitable for conservatory, sun-rooms and patios. These doors are not hinged together since that they do not have any side frames to that allows for hinges. They open and close by sliding. This is accomplished through the use of top and bottom runners. Single glazed systems on the other hand are used as partitioning systems and are more suitable for internal uses.


The Solution for You

Glass curtains are the solution for you if you are looking for a sophisticated way of making your property more attractive. They add the extra wow factor that you might have been longing for. They are elegant as well as affordable. They might not be the cheapest enclosures but they are affordable and will enhance any building – traditional buildings as well as modern contemporary buildings. They do diminish the beauty or design of your building. Instead, they add to the beauty of your building. Glass curtains create an airy, lighter and more energized space that will provide you with additional motivation that you might need.


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