Glass Curtains for a Great View


On a bright morning, a great view is all you need to start your day with a smile on your face. Beautiful patterns on your wall, a little colour and even clear beautiful skies will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Glass curtains are a great source of such an extraordinary experience.

Glass Curtains for a Great View

Glass Curtains for a Great View

Types of Glass curtains:

Glass curtains come in different thicknesses, colour and opacity. The two most common thicknesses are ¼ inch (6mm) monolithic and 1 inch (25mm) insulating glass for commercial building while 1/8 inch (3 mm) monolithic and 5/8 inch (16 mm) insulating glass are used for residential buildings. Many 1 inch glass panels have clean air but some may be inert gases like argon or krypton which offer better features in thermal transmittance. Larger thicknesses are available and usually used in buildings with relative humidity, higher thermal and sound transmission requirements such as recording studios.

Glass curtains are readily available in transparent, translucent and colour stained glass. Opaque glass is usually used in areas to hide spandrel (the space between two arches) beam or as a shear wall behind the exterior curtain wall.

Why use glass curtains?

In buildings, glass curtains are a great solution to terrace enclosure while maintain the view. They do not have vertical frames which leaves a consistent flow from the ceiling to the floor. In cases of repair, they can be fully removed and reinstalled easily without damaging the entire wall. They also bring elegance to the space providing one with a beautiful start to interior design. At home, glass curtains are a beautiful way to welcome the sunshine in as well as great views and amazing lighting. The light gives a spacious look in the house and a blend of your interior design with the rest of your environment. They restrain inconveniencing weather conditions such as strong winds and rain in relaxation areas such as patios. They also serve as beautiful architectural finishes that provide a flowing feel to your surroundings.In commercial use, they give a spacious feel which in turn eliminates the feeling of being crowded and cramped in small spaces. They give a clear view of the skies hence providing a calming effect to the professionals at work. They provide for a quick and efficient solution to adequate lighting and ultimately brighten the area. Glass curtains are a great way to see the skies while at work or at home.