An Overview of the Types of Terrace Enclosures


Terraces add a distinctive look to your home. Most terraces might be enclosed by default with a small railing as a form of safety to prevent people from falling. To provide an extra touch of safety, terrace enclosures are used to provide that additional element of privacy that you might need.

Types of Terrace Enclosures

There are many different types of terrace enclosures. Balusters for example will give your terrace an architecturalstyle with a colonial effect. Balusters work well with brick or wood frame buildings and will give your terrace a classic and stately look. Wrought iron is another type of terrace enclosure that can be straight or curved to follow any design of terrace. Wrought iron is available in black or white and can be smooth or textured. You can choose the shape and the color that will best enhance and blend with the style and material of your building. Glass terrace enclosures are probably the most appealing terrace enclosures. They will give your terrace a contemporary look as well as a transparent look. Glass terrace enclosures are available in horizontal as well as vertical designs while there are also curved designs to allowyourterraceto function as an observation or lookout point. Galvanized steel is the choice of terrace enclosure that is used by those who want to make a statement. It can be cut into many different shapes and forms to provide your terrace with a contemporary appeal. Custompanels made of wood, metal or glass can also be used as terrace enclosures. Custom made panels can be customized to display different scenes or information.

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Advantages of Terrace Enclosures

There are a few advantages of using glass terrace enclosures. First of all, they are made from tempered safety glass which is very strong. It is almost four to six times stronger than standard glass. They normally consist of three to four strong panels to create a panoramic view. They reduce air and dust infiltration. Most glass terrace enclosuresconsist of seal window glazing techniques and heavy duty sliding doors to ensure constant sliding performance. Glass terrace enclosures consist of sliding ventilation panels that are designed for maximum air movement and solar control. Terrace enclosures are not cheapest form of enclosures so you need to make sure that if you invested the money in enclosing your terrace, you should make sure that you are able to benefit for the advantages of having your terrace enclosed.